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ASI San Diego: The Lavish Bahia Resort & initial events

April 19, 2012

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A sketch of Tuesday and Wednesday’s events and random occurrences at ASI’s 2012 Annual Conference

ASI definitely went for the Cadillac version of facilities for its annual conference this year, in sunny (at times) San Diego!

After picking up my conference roommate at the San Diego airport Tuesday (and following a detour to Rancho Santa Fe for the best street tacos on the planet at Fidel’s Little Mexico), we checked in to the Bahia Resort Hotel on West Mission Bay Drive.

Nice digs!

The resort, which is hosting ASI’s 2012 conference, is sited on a peninsula between Santa Barbara Cove and Mission Bay. It’s a site to behold, with water seemingly on all sides — all rooms have a view of water or gardens (with numerous families of ducks to entertain), and the grounds of the resort contain lavish gardens and ponds for exploration and rejuvenation.

The Bahia Resort at Mission Beach, in San Diego, CA

The resort also offers an indoor/outdoor restaurant, bar, and sprawling pool area that features a large whirlpool jacuzzi. A host of Mission Beach restaurants are in the area, and there seems to be sandy beaches everywhere. Sea World and Old Town San Diego are nearby, and the San Diego Zoo is less than a 20 minute drive.

Oh yes, we’re here for a conference. Let’s see….what can we report on.

Tuesday night involved all the initial “hellos” as various indexers and Board members drifted in from out of town, bumping into one after another and catching up on life’s events while enroute to their rooms to settle in for the night.

Ms. Ducky & the kids crash the ASI Board's table talk session on Wednesday afternoon

Wednesday’s happenings

Wednesday served as the day for the Board to meet in an all-day session, followed by an open afternoon session of “table talk” with interested parties. Anyone was invited to attend. Much of the discussion centered around e-books and figuring out how ASI should be reacting and accommodating these technologies.

However, the most intriguing part of the table talk sessions involved how it caught the attention of a mother duck and her little ones….with the sliding door open to let air into the room, the indexing chatter must have been attracting potential new members. Everyone quacked up over the incident (two clown horn honks please).

“Dinner with someone new” topped off the evening, and there were four different dinner groups that gathered to walk to their destinations and get acquainted. Although I was originally signed up for sushi with a handful of others, I ended up being siphoned into a dinner meeting with the DTTF group instead.

A perspective of the Mission Beach roller coaster and Robertos Taco Shop from Starkeys BBQ

We walked to a local barbecue joint, Starkeys BBQ, within about a ten minute walk of the resort. The food was fabulous, with my selection being the BBQ tri-tip sandwich with a side of coal slaw. Most everyone else took advantage of the salads, pulled pork sandwiches, mac & cheese, and chicken wings.

Tomorrow represents the pre-conference workshops for a day, in which I’m not yet signed up for any — and a bit undecided about whether or not to attend.

In addition to tomorrow’s sessions, SIG and chapter leadership meetings will take place in the afternoon, along with a meeting for new attendees. That will be followed by the conference welcome reception.

Check it out, it's the Top Hat Indexer's top hat!

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  1. Dena S permalink
    April 23, 2012 7:19 am

    Sounds like it was a good time – wish I could’ve been there!


  2. April 23, 2012 4:16 pm

    Hey Dena, you were missed! Chuck and I were talking about you, however….all good things, of course, LOL!

    Steve Ingle and I needed you for a little hell raising after hours, like in Minneapolis….your input, in particular, could have been used in our discussion of “what qualifies one as an EVIL indexer.” It would have been most appreciated….

    ….but it’s all to be continued, of course, in San Antonio next year. Hope you can make it then!


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