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PNBA Fall Tradeshow 2011: Bringing publishing industry types together

October 13, 2011

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Over the next couple of days, the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association (PNBA) is hosting its annual trade show in Portland, Oregon.

The event brings together publishing industry types, and features workshops for authors, publishers, book sellers, librarians, and others attached to the industry. There is also an exhibition floor, and opportunities to interface with current and aspiring authors. In many cases, authors and publishers attend this trade show to get a feel for one another, hoping to find the right fit. There’s also food and beverage….and restrooms (it’s good to know about those too) so you can powder up, regroup, and put on your publisher game face.

The trade show is not open to the public, but from what I understand there are secret handshakes that will get you inside. For me, I’m wearing a top hat and speaking double dutch to the gatekeeper at the door….so since I have the topper covered, you’ll have to don an emperor’s robe or a cape with sequins echoing early 70s Rick Wakeman….just make sure it’s something exquisite and over-the-top, and they should let you in!

The listing of the workshops, which serve the full spectrum of the publishing industry, appear to have lots of comprehensive information. From there, it’s meeting various folks and schmoozing over meals and cocktails. How about that! Now that sounds like my kind of event.

I drove down from Seattle early this morning and will be attending the whole event through Saturday. Look for other posts on this, and I’ll also be tweeting about it — follow “TopHatIndexer” at Twitter for all the updates.

Thanks for reading!

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